Mentor List

The program provides low cost, high-quality, digital advisory services for small businesses in metro and regional
Victoria, South Australia & Tasmania

VICTORIA - Book a Mentoring Session with Kirri Romero (Melbourne)

Mentor Bio: Kirri is the principal digital strategist at the Online Fix, which specialises in digital marketing and strategy for small and micro business, showing them how best to use online to generate consistent leads and sales. She believes in the power of digital to make all the difference...


VICTORIA - Book a Mentoring Session with Brett Melville (Cheltenham, Melbourne)

Mentor Bio: Brett is the owner and founder of Website Design & SEO agency Digital Treasury, which helps businesses grow their profits online with powerful website designs and smart SEO strategies. He believes that all business should have a website that clearly and quickly communicates to...


VICTORIA - Book a Mentoring Session with Vivian Vo (Alphington, Melbourne)

Mentor Bio: As program manager at Melbourne Innovation Centre, Vivian has managed various government initiatives, including the Digital Enterprise program which saw 1300 small businesses mentored in three years. Vivian passionately runs and presents digital and marketing workshops across...